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Argentina coach Edgardo Bauza seems to be backtracking a bit after his controversial comments about Barcelona’s failure to “take care of Messi very well” sparked tensions with the Spanish club.

Today he was a bit more circumspect. “I want to make clear that I don’t want to fight with Barcelona,” he said in an interview with Diario Sport on Friday. “It’s the opposite. We want to work together for the good of Messi, who’s not just any old player.”

That is quite the change from Bauza’s original comment to Fox Sports saying that “Barcelona always sends us messages saying that we must take care of Messi, but they don’t take care of him very well.” That sparked quite the anger at Barcelona that was taken aback by the comments, according to ESPN.

Messi injured

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique refused to get in on the he-said-he-said. “The news is bad for everyone but I would prefer not to get into bickering,” he said.

Messi will be missing the next five games for Barcelona and the two next World Cup qualifiers against Peru and Paraguay.

Messi could be out for longer than anticipated, reports Clarín amid speculation that the superstar player could be going under the knife if he is suffering from an Athletic Pubalgia as opposed to a muscular injury. If Messi does have surgery this will see him out of football for three to four months.