Millions of us across the world held their breath last Sunday as we sat in awe watching what was one of television’s greatest scenes in living memory. An action scene that puts Bond and Bourne to shame. What are we talking about? The Iguana-Snake chase from David Attenborough’s new nature documentary Planet Earth 2.

The star of the scene, a hero who captured the hearts and minds of so many, is a hatching iguana. The marine iguanas of the Galapagos lay their eggs on a rocky beach. When the eggs hatch, the new-borns surface with the sole instinct to reach the ocean and join their families. In a sequence that has been hailed by many as potentially “the greatest moment in TV history,” this one particular youngster embarks on an odds-defying journey with an army of adversaries in pursuit. And not just any adversaries. Snakes. Lightning fast snakes who brutally and graphically crush you into a scaly mush.

It looks like they’ve got him at one point, trapped in a coil that so nearly crushes both our hero and our hearts. And yet somehow, he manages to break free and darts up a nearby rock. The snakes remain in pursuit, but to no avail, with the little dude squirming his way to survival. He’s now a verifiable legend of British television.

And now, the stardom of British television’s favorite new character has extended to Argentina through what we think is a pretty apt comparison. A diminutive hero, blessed with as much skill and dexterity as perseverance, leaving every comer in his wake in relentless pursuit of his one goal. You’ve got it. Leo Messi.

The video, released by, shows the original BBC scene with audio commentary of some of the little Argentine magician’s best moments. And it just works. My personal favorite: “They’re trying to contain him, but it’s an impossible task. This man is just unstoppable!” Absolutely fantastic.

So Messi or baby iguana: who’s better? Here’s one of Leo’s best goals to help you decide. And I can’t help but feel the sensational choice of words from the commentator here would have been ever more appropriate for the Messi Iguana video.

“He emasculates them, individually, collectively. He literally disperses his atoms inside of his body on one side of this defender and then collects them on the other. MAGISTERIAL LIONEL!”