Before you get all freaked out about this, let me just say that this happened a long, long time ago (January.) But the media just found out about it today, because we were busy trying to get the Néstor Kirchner’s lookalike meet with the President.

According to exclusive documents obtained by Infobae, a former Federal Police officer identified as Horacio Oscar Gil managed to bypass the Casa Rosada security personnel and enter the building while carrying a .22 caliber gun and a knife.

The official documents say that Gil, who served as a cop between 1991 and 1995, showed up outside the presidential palace after 9 am and said he was there to take on a new job. While pretending to be a deputy chief of police (with no identification at all), Gil managed to go through the door located on Balcarce 24 and the metal detectors even though, like I said, HE WAS CARRYING A FREAKING GUN AND A KNIFE.

The man was stopped by presidential security agents while he tried to go through a third checkpoint. Sargent Jorge Bychkailo, a member of Cristina’s security detail, said that at first his presence didn’t raise any eyebrows because “they had been told of a possible transfer” but then he began doubting of his real identity, which prompted his arrest.

According to statements from those who detained him, the man “did not resist” and swiftly surrendered his knife and gun. Later, while explaining his situation to the judge, Gil said that last October he had requested to be reinstated to the force and that even though he was not given an official response, “he was told he could choose a time and a place to return.” Doctors later determined he was not mentally stable, for which he couldn’t comprehend the severity of his actions.

Oh. So he was mentally unstable. Yeah, no. That’s totally safe.

“So what about the gun and a knife?”, you say? Well, have you seen this movie? How about this movie? Despite the fact that they are both exceptionally bad, protecting the President can be scary. So crazy or not, I don’t blame him.

(Story via Infoabe, Photo via Wikipedia)