Photo via Infobae

The whole country was moved by the tragic bus accident that took place last Sunday in Mendoza — killing 15 young people from a Buenos Aires dance school. Relatives of the victims had to go to go to the western province to make arrangements for the transport of the bodies back to Buenos Aires.

One such family was the Arias, who was in Mendoza making arrangements for Valentina Arias, their 15-year-old daughter who died in the crash. Valentina, as was the case with many of the other victims, was a teenager who was competing in a dance tournament in Mendoza.

When the family got back to their house in Grand Bourg, in Buenos Aires Province, they found out that they had been robbed the night they had left. Around 3 am that night, burglars broke into their house and took everything they could find. Although a robbery is complicated enough for any family, this crime hit the Arias particularly hard. Their daughter’s personal computer with all her most recent photos and videos was among the items the thieves took.

Valentina’s father and the step-father both claim that the burglars knew the situation that the family was going through and took advantage of it. The family added that although the police reacted quickly enough getting back some of the belongings they had lost, but Valentina’s computer wasn’t found.


The victim’s relatives started to broadcast the urgency of their situation on social media, organizing an intense search for the computer. In a desperate attempt, the girl’s step-father published a Facebook petition aimed at getting the computer back by paying whatever amount of money would be necessary.

I just want that computer back, I’ll pay whatever is needed, and I’m not going to report anyone to the police.

The Facebook post reached a whopping 30100 shares.