Photo via Minutouno.

Tomorrow, the organization #unomasXniunamenos (#onemore[man]Xnotoneless[woman]) is inviting all Argentine men to grab a skirt and join in a silent march through Buenos Aires in protest of femicide.

Which is a brilliant idea. Every local dude reading this should immediately call up a female friend to borrow a skirt (or dig out his own) and join in.

This latest effort is a continuation of the #NiUnaMenos movement launched by a group of journalists following a highly publicized string of murders in May of this year and culminating in mass marches on June 3rd.

All are invited to take to the streets at 6:00 PM to march to the Obelisk. Participants will carry banners reading, “Today we are all women and we are at risk,” and “If they touch one, they touch us all.”

According to the NGO La Casa del Encuentro, there have been 1,808 murders due to domestic violence over the past seven years, resulting in 2,196 new orphans as a result of mothers killed by their partners. Despite an increase in awareness on the frightening issue, the government has yet to fulfill many of the promises it pledged following the June demonstrations.

Perhaps men can shock the government into action after displaying some seriously hairy legs on Thursday. Gender-normative expression is so passé anyway.

Photo via Infobae.
Photo via Infobae.