Get to know the new presidential family. Photo via Reuters.

Pack it up, Cristina: in about two weeks, Mauricio Macri will be moving into his new presidential home, la Quinta de OlivosBut who is the rest of the presidential family stealing (or trying to stay out of) the spotlight?

1. Juliana Awada (41)

Photo via La Nación
Photo via La Nación

Juliana Awada, the new Porteña First Lady, is a full-time textile entrepreneur. The daughter of a Lebanese immigrant father and the granddaughter of Syrian immigrants on her mother’s side, Awada lived with Belgian Count Bruno Laurent Barbier for ten years, neighbor to Macri, his first wife and their three kids. Then one day, she and Macri met at a gym and he fell in love with the girl next door.

Two weeks into their relationship, Juliana’s mother had some choice words for the chum interested in her baby girl: “Don’t be a smartass with my daughter because I’ll chop your balls off.”

Fierce, mama Awada. Fierce.

Lucky for him, Mauricio behaved and married the beautiful Juliana in 2010 and they had their only daughter Antonia in 2011.

2. Antonia (4)

Can you feel it?. Can you feel it? Mauricio is going to President.  #IvoteMM

In the video, adorable mini celeb Antonia cheers her favorite presidential candidate on before the first round of elections. Apparently, it worked. The little good luck charm will be princessing around the bungalow with mom and dad very soon. She is the youngest of Macri’s four children, and the most social media famous.

Who are the other mysterious Macris? 

While four-year-old Antonia can often be seen on Macri’s shoulders, his Twitter account or doing the Macri dance in the PRO bunker in celebration of her father’s victory, during his first marriage to Ivonne Bordeu, the new President-elect fathered three first children: Agustina, Gimena and Francisco.

(Right to left) Agustina, Gimena and Francisco. Little Antonia Macri’s three older siblings . Photo via Mauricio Macri

Agustina (33) 

Photo via Perfil
President’s daughter Agustina alongside father, Mauricio Macri. Photo via Perfil

Agustina, the eldest of Macri’s children, studied sociology at the University of Buenos Aires, completed her studies in Spain and recently decided to become a filmmaker in Barcelona. She returned to Argentina when her father was elected mayor of the City of Buenos Aires in 2008 and did her dad a solid by filming the refurbishment of the Colón Theatre, along with other PRO projects.

Gimena (30)

Photo via Infobae
Photo via Infobae

Gimena is the quintessential artsy daughter who escaped her father’s world of politics by going off to live in San Francisco for a year studying visual arts. Better known by her parents as Fideíto, Gimena also traveled to London in 2004 to study drawing and eventually slummed it as a waitress in Punta del Este. Despite her low profile, she’s participated in many art exhibitions, including ArteBA where her paintings were sold for just over $25,000 — not quite as hippy as her other endeavors, but beats the shitty waitressing tips. 

She made headlines early last year when she was the victim of a home robbery and her father told Perfil that “she’s been robbed six times here.”

“It’s not right that she feels like she has to live outside of the city, I wouldn’t like that. I think we should do things right to be able to live safely here, to purge this insane violence so we can all live in peace,” said dad after finding out his daughter’s house had been broken into.

Francisco (26)

Francisco, Antonia’s godfather and Macri’s only son, was a Cardinal Newmen rugby player. That’s about as much as we know about him. Seriously — there aren’t any pictures of him published. His playing hard to get might have something to do with his father’s kidnapping in 1991. Or maybe he’s just trying to live a normal, press free life.

Regarding word being spread that the three eldest Macris didn’t show up at their father’s bunker on election night, Macri said:

“They want to keep a low profile. and I respect that.”

That’s cool, Mac.