Lautaro Cuttica successfully made his Buenos Aires gallery debut last week at the Espacio Enso in La Recoleta. The New York based, Buenos Aires born artist has trekked a similar path to that of his father: well-known Argentine artist Eugenio Cuttica. Like Eugenio, Lautaro has a background in architecture which heavily influences his work. Both knew from a very young age that their vocation would be as artists and both split their time between New York City and Buenos Aires.

What distinguishes father from son are Lautaro’s intensely colored and layered images, and the idea that his works are absolved of premeditation. He intends for his aesthetic to surge from the act of painting itself, and is known for his ability to render figures in an abstract setting. Even so, his process isn’t completely void of preparation. He develops ideas for color schemes, themes and figures before the paint ever hits the canvas, but Cuttica maintains that what is important is that “preparations do not choke or smother the freedom of the ensuing painting itself… The final piece will never resemble what one had in mind so it’s important to “listen” to the piece and allow it to go where it wants to go rather than impose your will and try to make the painting something it’s not.”

His collection at Espacio Enso called, “There’s a Bluebird in my Heart” (titled after the Bukowski poem) stems from the idea that the bluebird represents one’s vulnerable and tender side. The exposition represents the artist showing this vulnerable side to the Buenos Aires public for the first time. 

Citing his father’s prominent career as both a help and hindrance in distinguishing himself as an artist, Lautaro believes that being immersed in the methodology and tricks of the trade from the get-go gave him a huge advantage starting out. Following in the footsteps of his father was certainly daunting for Cuttica, but rather than shun the path, he embraced it and carved out his own unique style. Now settled in his identity as a successful artist, the ultra hip Brooklynite painter intends for nothing to affect or influence the understanding or experience of his paintings beyond the boundaries of the paintings themselves. If you want to see his works up close and personal, head over to the Espacio Enso until June 15th.


“There’s a Bluebird in my Heart” Artist – Lautaro Cuttica


Espacio Enso

Monday to Friday 12:00 PM – 20:00 PM

Arenales 1199

The exhibition will run until June 15th with the possibility of an extension until the end of June