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After causing tremendous furor in more than 18 cities worldwide, the early morning dance movement Daybreaker is disembarking in Buenos Aires City. The first event will take place on November 22 at Torre Bellini’s panoramic terrace in downtown Capital, bringing a mix of yoga, live music, green smoothies, and group hugs.

Unlike New Yorkers and Londoners, Argentines party not until the crack of dawn, but even continue after. Previas (local slang for pre-drinks) start late at night, usually in a friend’s house, and the boliche usually doesn’t get crowded until at least 3 or 4 AM, regardless of where it is or the kind of music that it plays. If you haven’t spent all your money on insanely expensive drinks, you’ll probably end up the night bajoneando – eating – at the place with the greasiest food you can find. If you don’t fall asleep cursing at the birds singing in the morning, it doesn’t count as a proper night out.

But what if we turn things around and hit the dance floor first thing in the morning after a good night of sleep? That’s precisely what Daybreaker proposes. 

It is no secret that nightlife can be exhausting, even for the most vigorous party animals. Sipping drinks indefinitely in a sweltering room full of people packed up like sardines is probably the fastest route we can take to make our bodies feel goofy and tired.

In a global context where 300 million people suffer from depression, many are betting on natural ways to boost the brain’s “happy” chemicals. Therefore, when entrepreneurs Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer gave birth to Daybreaker in a Brooklyn basement, they sought to create a party formula that would not lead them to feel sleepy and depleted – not to mention quite possibly hangover the next day.

So instead of adding Fernet or whatever you kids are into these days, the morning dance coming to town is promising a nerdy “DOSE” composed by Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin, which are the body’s chemicals in charge of making you feel happy.

Master Dafne Schilling will welcome the first bold party-goers at a yoga class, where sun salutations will gain literal sense just when the sun crops up amid the Buenos Aires skyline at 6 a.m. One hour of moderate exercise can help us burn almost 400 calories. And according to scientific research, doing it in the morning can help us start the day feeling more euphoric and stress-free.

Daybreaker Party
A yoga class at Daybreaker in Brooklyn. Image credit: Instagram via @abbbbsigail.

Those who are not in the mood for Daybreaker’s version of previas – bit different to the regulars, no? – can go straight to the dance floor at 7 a.m, where DJ Le Freak Selektor will set up the aura with positive beats to revitalize the most dynamic people in the city. Tastes apart, we all might agree that music is one the best ways to get us motivated.

If you are adventurous enough to believe it is lit to dance while everyone else in the city is just waking up, you might still be wondering how is even possible to get dressed and have breakfast before joining the party.

Daybreaker Buenos Aires
Image credit: Luis Ruiz.

The bad news is that you will have to muster enough willpower to ignore that tempting snooze button. If you make it to the location still missing your bed, there will be a hugging committee tasked with cheering you up at the entrance.

There will also be green smoothies, cold-press juices, fresh fruits, whole-grain cookies, and granola bars at no extra cost, so you don’t have to worry about waking up everyone at home while making breakfast – if you even have the energy to make it in the first place.

Last month, Tokyo and Amsterdam entered the list of 18 cities that embraced morning parties. To celebrate the fact that Buenos Aires is joining the team, Daybreaker is inviting everyone to wear their most colorful and kooky outfits to the event (you can wear yoga pants, onesies, patterned shirts or anything that makes you feel fabulous).

Daybreaker Party
A Daybreaker party. Image credit: Giphy.

You can already buy your tickets for Daybreaker, starting from ARS 450 on pre-sale, plus service fee.