This guy didn't quite get the message.

Us women only have little brains. It’s hard enough remembering what our husbands like in their sandwiches, let alone deciding what we actually want for ourselves. Thank the Lord then that Argentine politicians know exactly what women want. Macri reminded us back in 2014 that we actually like being catcalled. Now the Mayor of a town in Salta explained us that what women really wanted out of International Women’s Day were laundry baskets and brooms. Because gender equality is nice and all, but nothing beats a freshly swept floor.

On Wednesday, to commemorate International Women’s Day, Miguel Angel Talló, mayor of Salta’s General Pizarro, decided to gift a load of household cleaning items to the women of the city. Brooms, laundry baskets and “other things, what they needed for the house,” were among the thoughtful presents. Thanks Miguel, now where would you like us to shove that broomstick?

The act was met with quite a lot of backlash (obvio) and he has since offered “a thousand apologies.” “I love women,” he added.

Photo via Diario registrado
Photo via Diario registrado

He was also quick to point the finger, claiming that his culture secretary had asked the town’s womenfolk what they wanted, and that’s what they requested.

Incidentally, the theme for this year’s IWD was Women In The Changing World Of Work, aiming to expand working opportunities for women beyond traditionally female, lower-paid and less skilled positions…e. g. as housewives and cleaners…

Maybe we’re jumping to conclusions – maybe we missed The Great 2016 Broom Shortage of Salta and it was actually a very charitable and long-awaited gesture. But man, you could have picked a more appropriate day…