Mauricio Macri has been sworn in as President of Argentina. Photo via Infobae

Mauricio Macri was officially sworn in as President at 11:45 this morning, just after Vice President Gabriela Michetti, and addressed the country as President for the first time with his first Cadena Nacional.

Macri touched on many subjects, including poverty, transparency, corruption, drug trafficking, public education and the need for an independent judicial system. The main objectives outlined in this first address were zero poverty, combating drug trafficking and uniting the Argentine people.

“Throughout our history we have repeatedly lived through many divisions and confrontation has led down the wrong path. We are passionate, and it’s good to be so, but sometimes that passion creates our own trap, generating a fanaticism which has many times led us to violence and lack of love.”

In an optimistic speech focused on the future, Macri repeatedly emphasizing that his government would “work inexhaustibly” in a “new era of dialogue, respect and teamwork.”

He also took the time to thank his fellow presidential candidates — Daniel Scioli, Sergio Massa, Margarita Stolbizer, Nicolás del Caño and Adolfo Rodríguez Sáa — stating that they “are united by a democratic vocation and the dream of seeing a developed Argentina.” The “central message” that he apparently wanted to convey was the need for unity:

Much like his ballotage speech, Macri equalled politics as the search for happiness, placing the State as an aid to help each one obtain theirs. In order to “bring Argentina into the 21st century,” then, unity is needed above all. He closed with a quote from former president Arturo Frondizi stating that because the country is so big, the challenge resides not only with one person or a group of people, but with everyone.

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