Photo via Infobae.

Following last night’s attack in Nice, France resulting in 84 deaths and many more injuries after a truck filled with weapons and explosives drove into a crowd celebrating France’s national Bastille Day, President Mauricio Macri and the Foreign Ministry have released statements condemning the incident.

“We stand by the French people during these painful hours and we stand united in the condemnation of the bloody attack that shook France and the world.”

The Foreign Ministry released an official statement on its website as well:

“In the face of the grueling terrorist attack that occurred on the day of [14th of July 2016] in the city of Nice, France, which tragically resulted in the death of dozens of people and many more injured, Argentina expresses its utter rejection and condemnation of this unjust manifestation of violence,” the release reads.

At last night’s Bastille Day celebrations at the French Embassy in the City of Buenos Aires, French Ambassador Jean-Michel Casa asked for a minute of silence for the lives lost in Nice.

The attacker has been identified as a Franco-Tunisian described as a “loner” by neighbors. He was shot dead by police on the scene.

“French President François Hollande has declared three days of national mourning, the flags fly half-mast at the Élysée Palace.”

According to local press, no Argentines were harmed in the attack.