Matisyahu has come a long way since his 2005 break into the Reggae, Dub and Ska genre. His first album “Live at Stub” got to number one on the Reggae Albums charts and to the 30th spot on Billboard’s ranking. He hasn’t stopped turning out new material and has surpassed expectations by reinventing himself with every album. With eight studio albums under his belt, his 9th and most recent album – “Akeda” is considered his most personal project to date. In his own words:

“Akeda is the type of album that an artist creates when there’s no other creative option except show what’s on the inside, tearing apart and making it visible for those on the outside”

All along his career Reggae has been an important influence. His jewish faith grew and became part of the mix. As time went on, his spiritual influences gained ground and the exterior embellishments were no longer necessary. The problem came when the album “Seeker Spark” was released in 2012, where Matisyahu’s appearance and sound had changed drastically since his first single. Even though his musical career was booming he quickly got put into a box as being that “orthodox Jewish rapper with a beard.” If you’ve heard his music, you know he is more than his appearance or dogma. This discrimination was an overwhelming and extremely painful experience for him and awakened introspective and isolated feelings which finally materialized into his album “Akeda”, which is considered by many as his most reflexive and profoundly conceived work to date.

Written on tour and in his house of L.A, “Akeda” was recorded in Brooklyn in Studio G with his tour band, Dub Trio (Dave Holmes, Stu Brooks and Joe Tornino) and was produced by the bassist Stu Brooks with help of the other band members and the owner of Studio G. The songs from his latest album deal with the profound feelings that come from exploring one’s own principles and the journey to find a way back to the surface. In the end it’s music that comes from inside to something more material and external. That inward journey is reflected in his music and one can’t help but identify with the steps it takes.

Matisyahu comes back to Buenos Aires this Friday (January 22nd) for a gig at Groove where he is scheduled to present his new album Akeda along with several of his hits.

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