Renewal Front's Sergio Massa met with President Mauricio Macri today. Photo via Twitter.

Second up in President Mauricio Macri’s series of meetings with former presidential opponents was Sergio Massa of the Renewal Front (UNA). Macri met with Victory Front’s Daniel Scioli this morning and it resulted in a good number of forced smiles and chats about playing nice together in the future.

In a press conference held by Massa and the new Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio, again without Macri, the men said they discussed, “political reform, anti-corruption, drug trafficking, education, Argentina’s relations with the world” — basically, the same as those mentioned in his meeting with Daniel Scioli.

Massa came prepared though, giving Macri a package of laws and put his team at the President’s disposal, saying that, “We will be an opposition with proposals.”

“I salute Macri’s decision to call for political dialogue because thinking differently does not have to impede our ability to sit down and converse at the same table […] as the opposition we now have the challenge of changing the perception that those who oppose,” he said.

For the reader’s pleasure, more footage of politicians sitting around looking awkward as cameras swirl around them: