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Economy Minister for A New Alternative (UNA) Aldo Pignanelli announced that he and his team are no longer sustaining that they could take first or second place in today’s elections.

“We have promised not to confirm this until the results are out, but we know that the bid is between first and second place, that is… between Daniel Scioli and Mauricio Macri, and that we will come third,” Pignanelli said.

He went on:

“We have done excellently in the elections, winning more votes than in the Primaries.”

He also claimed that, “Those who say that there will be a second round are lying” because, at this point, nothing can be certain.

Daniel Arroyo, candidate for vice-governor of Buenos Aires, declined to comment on the election results.

He did note however that their party would, “Improve the quality of democracy, because Sergio Massa follows through with his promises.”

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