Martín Lousteau. (Photo by Santiago Filipuzzi/La Nación)

According to local media outlets in Buenos Aires, Martín Lousteau has resigned as Argentine ambassador to the United States. While rumors of his possible resignation had been floating for months, the news comes as a surprise to the Macri administration.

Lousteau, who briefly served as Argentina’s Economy minister during Cristina Kirchner’s first term, is seen as a leading opposition figure in the city of Buenos Aires and as someone who could potentially ruin mayor Rodríguez Larreta’s reelection plans in 2019. (In case you forgot, he was very close to defeating Rodríguez Larreta in the 2015 Buenos Aires mayoral elections and in fact, many said Macri appointed him ambassador to get him out of the mayor’s way.)

For now, his political future remains uncertain, but considering we’re almost six months away from the midterm elections and Congress seems like a decent platform to return to the political limelight.

The ambassador is currently in Buenos Aires and during his stay he was scheduled to meet with Foreign minister Susana Malcorra in order to begin planning Macri’s meeting with Donald Trump later this month in Washington DC and discuss Argentina’s strategy for bilateral trade with the US.

According to Clarín, Lousteau tendered his resignation to Macri in person while meeting with him this afternoon and no decision has been made on who will be his replacement yet.