Ambassador Martín Lousteau met with US President Barack Obama yesterday. Photo via Alante

Argentina’s new Ambassador to the US, Martín Lousteau, officially presented his credentials to President Barack Obama in a ceremony yesterday, formally commencing his diplomatic role. On his Twitter account, he stated that this was a “new era” for Argentine-US relations.

Lousteau, the former Economy Minister under Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for a brief stint, was appointed ambassador by President Mauricio Macri last December and has been calling for an end to what he termed the “teenage” relationship between Argentina and the US, which has historically swung between love and hate depending on the administration in power.

In addition, Lousteau left various written comments in a book given to ambassadors when they take part in such ceremonies. He apparently mentioned that there´s a “glimpse of a very promising future for bilateral relations” as well as a “broad agenda that both [countries] can encourage,” and “also, Macri says hi.” That last one may have been said slightly more formally.

The meeting was closed off to the press, being a family-only protocol, but Lousteau was not accompanied by either his wife Carla Peterson or their son, Gaspar, who are set to join him in Washington in February.

Lousteau tweeted pictures of himself in the car on the way to the White House. Obama, for his part, was probably equally excited but just too busy getting ready to tweet at the time.

On a related note, the US Department of State announced yesterday that “Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of State […]  will travel to Buenos Aires, the highest-level State Department official to visit Argentina in more than a decade” on February 3rd. Lousteau also confirmed today that Macri will be meeting Obama at the Conference on Nuclear Security in Washington in April.