María Eugenia Vidal voted in the ballotage election. Photo via La Nacion.

Buenos Aires Province Governor-elect María Eugenia Vidal fulfilled her civic duty at 9:40 AM in Morón. Joined by husband Ramiro Tagliaferro — who is also Moron’s Mayor elect — Vidal said Argentines have the possibility to take the country in a new direction today, and that the weather is awesome:

“This [the ballotage] is the possibility to choose something different, out of hope, the need for change. We started with a sunny day and great energy. It’s a very calm day. I hope we can all vote in peace,” she said.

The first woman to ever be elected governor of Buenos Aires Province also highlighted the great number of people who volunteered to make sure there is no shady business during the electoral day.

“Even more people wanted to get involved and become a fiscal over the course of the elections. It’s wonderful how someone who only came to vote before now wants to take part in the process,” said Vidal.

Finally, she mentioned that she had already spoken to Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri during the morning, and that he was “calm and filled with hope.”

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