María Eugenia Vidal was sworn in as Governor of Buenos Aires Province this morning. Photo via Diario Veloz.

The day of transitions began with Cambiemos’ María Eugenia Vidal’s swearing in as the new Governor of Buenos Aires at 9:15 AM in La Plata.

After taking the oath in a ceremony presided first by outgoing Deputy Governor Gabriel Mariotto and later by Deputy Jorge Sarghini of the Renewal Front (UNA – Sergio Massa’s coalition, remember?), Vidal spoke of the difficult situation the province faces economically and socially.

“It won’t be easy, we’re not going to change everything in one day. I’m not going to pretend to have superpowers. We’re hurt by the abandonment that the province is suffering. We have received a broken province, vulnerable to deficit and debt-ridden.”

Vidal also appealed to the women listening: “As the first female governor [of Buenos Aires Province], I want to tell you that I need you.” She also dedicated “her great day” to her grandmother, who, Vidal said, taught her the most important values by doing “everything she needed to do to support her family.”

The new governor was accompanied by President-elect Mauricio Macri and the new Cambiemos Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Given that the three of them are from the same party, the political dynamic in the province is set to change. The Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli was also present at the ceremony as outgoing governor and gave her a hug after her speech to wish her “the best of luck.”

Governor Vidal won a decisive victory against the FpV’s Aníbal Fernández in the October 25th election.

Vidal’s Deputy Governor, Daniel Salvador from the Radical Party (UCR), was also sworn in.

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