Photo via NCN.

National Deputy Margarita Stolbizer and her family were victims of a robbery earlier today when intruders broke into her house in the Castelar district, in the Province of Buenos Aires. Two armed men kidnapped her youngest son, Juan, when he was about to enter the family house and held him captive for a half an hour.

After trying to call Stolbizer and her husband without success, it appears both parents had turned off their cellphones, the kidnappers returned to the house with Stolbizer’s son, where they took money and a car. No one was harmed during the altercation.

This morning, Stolbizer talked to press about the event. She assured that it had nothing to do with her position within the government — “it was completely random” — but said that “we are all completely exposed” to going through these kind of situations. “It’s part of the insecurity we are living in. What happened to me is what happens to many other neighbors who don’t have the chance to tell their stories,” she said.

She went on to detail how the robbery unfolded: “I knew he [her son] had come into the house, but something seemed odd because I didn’t hear him shut the door or set the alarm.” “I immediately saw them upstairs, they had a gun to his head. They went straight into his room. They asked for his money and he gave them the money he had. Then they came into my room and we got up. They continued aiming the gun at him, saying they would kill him, demanding we give the money and asking whether there were weapons.”

Stolbizer recalled that she and her husband gave the robbers the money they had. “They made us lay on the floor. I saw them taking my children’s shoes, then I realized they had taken a box with watches, and other belongings. Then they left. They left us laying on the floor and left,” she finished.

The GEN party deputy pointed out that the Province’s Security Ministry, Cristian Ritondo, the Mayor of the Morón district, Ramiro Tagliaferro and the Buenos Aires Province Chief of Police Fabián Perroni all called her to offer their help.

Asked bout how insecurity can be tackled, she said that “this is not something that can be solved from one day to the other.”

“It’s not solved with a greater police presence on the streets either. Argentina has been facing these issues for many years and it shows the inefficiency of all government institutions.”

“The highest hope one has as a citizen is to live in a country where we can actually walk calmly down the street,” she concluded. Stolbizer cancelled the activities she had scheduled for the day in order to stay home.