He's back. And what better time to learn about how shitty politicians to be than now! Photo via www.forbes.com

This week’s Academy Awards marks the end of awards season and it’s time to start catching up on all the movies or series you missed out on during the past year. Lucky for us after 29 days of February (gets me every time) Netflix has decided to bless us with a bevy of new content. So dim the lights, open that computer screen, and block out the world for a while because March is here and brings with it a whole set of goodies.


Photo via www.aplus.com
Photo via www.aplus.com

House of Cards (Season 4): March 4

If 2016 hasn’t been too full of excitement for you, then just wait because things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Your favorite first couple are about to be back in all their hate to love/love to hate glory. And last year’s season finale wasn’t what they call a cliffhanger, then I don’t know what is.

Flaked (Season 1): March 11

Attention all Arrested Development fans: your favorite magic making, Segway riding brother is back. Will Arnett returns with a series of his own but this time his new character will not be selling bananas. Instead, Flaked follows a Venice, California based life guru. Not too many details of the show are known, but we’re just happy to see G.O.B. back in our Netflix queue.

Thats 70’s Show (Seasons 1-4): March 4

The fact that this show wasn’t on Netflix is honestly nothing short of shocking. But here we are and in a few days the first fours seasons will be nothing more than a few clicks away. Reunite with the gang for some hazy basement hang outs and reminisce on your high school days. Maybe even reminisce on the 70’s, I don’t know how old you are.

Marvel’s Daredevil (Season 2): March 18

Vis A Vis (Season 1): March 6

Velvet (Season 3): March 1

Hawaii Five-O (Season 5): March 15


Photo via www.netflixlife.com
Photo via www.netflixlife.com

Django Unchained: March 31

If you’re not caught up on your Tarantino (and your friends give you shit about it) take this as your opportunity to start. It may not be one of his historic classics, but at least it’s something. One of his more recent films, Django Unchained flipped the script on the traditional Civil-War era slave movie and saw Jamie Foxx, as a branded slave, running through the Wild West kicking ass and taking names. Also, DiCaprio’s in this, so if you feel like celebrating his new win with a retrospective viewing, now’s your chance.

The Hangover Part II: March 26

I shouldn’t really have to write anything for this one. Most of you have probably seen it. If not, now’s your chance. Parental advisory suggested.

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday: March 18

El Desconocido: March 1

Ahora O Nunca: March 1

The King’s Speech: March 1

Funny People: March 14

Last Vegas: March 19

Imagining Argentina: March 1

The First Grader: March 1

Hope Springs: March 1

Appleseed Alpha: March 31

Here Comes the Boom: March 31

Hot Bot: March 1

Hell and Back: March 5

Documentaries and Specials:

Photo via www.tubefilter.com
Photo via www.tubefilter.com

My Beautiful, Broken Brain: March 18

This 2014 documentary follows the journey of Lotje Sodderland, a German girl who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and must slowly regain all her mental capacities. For a city full of so many psychologists this one should be a no-brainer.

Netflix Presents: The Characters: March 11

Yay for more Netflix produced shows! Because, honestly, they’re some of the only people willing to push the envelop with their content. This new creation features a group of young comedians creating and acting in a sketch comedy show. Think something like SNL but younger, edgier and probably more fun.

Je Suis Charlie: March 1

If you’re gonna be so kindly donating all your time to the time suck that is Netflix, at least educate yourself while you’re at it. This French documentary, looks into the controversial publication, Charlie Hebdo, and the tragic killing of a cartoonist and the publication’s editor-in-chief.

Jimmy Carr Funny Business: March 18

Born To Be Wild: IMAX (3D): March 27

Deep Web: March 31

For Grace: March 2

Gored: March 1

Tricked: March 15

As summer turns to fall, lose yourself in the pit that is your glowing screen. Happy binging, my friends!