Vice-President of the Argentine Football Association’s national teams, Marcelo Tinelli, announced yesterday that he will step down from the position with immediate effect, as well as his role as Vice President of club San Lorenzo. The decision comes less than a month after Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia took charge of the AFA administration, suggesting hints of unrest within an ever-turbulent administration.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, Tinelli cited health problems as the main reason for his resignation. Due to travel to Barcelona with Tapia and other officials last Thursday ahead of a meeting with Lionel Messi, Tinelli revealed that he did not attend as a result of high blood pressure.

“The most important thing is health, and a few episodes that have happened in the past few days have led me to this decision” read the statement.

“I have decided to step down from my position as VP of Argentina`s National teams, as well as from my post as Coordinator of Collaboration Agreements with regards to the Super League [the new competition format the Argentine league will adopt, which will be akin to those in Europe], and I have applied for an 18-month leave of absence from my position as President of my beloved San Lorenzo.”

Reports suggest that other factors also played a major part in leading the 57 year-old ex-TV presenter to relinquish his posts.

Aside from health issues, it appears Tinelli stood alone on many issues within Tapia`s new administration. With regards to the Super League, Tinelli wanted representatives from seven clubs to be in the board of directors, rather than the five suggested by fellow vice-presidents Daniel Angelici and Hugo Moyano. Tinelli probably proposed that because he knew three of the five members side with Tapia – who Tinelli disagrees with in most matters –  leaving him and River Plate president Rodolfo D`Onofrio isolated in terms of decision-making.

Plus, as Tinelli stood, unsuccessfully, for President back in December 2015, it appears Tapia is keen to remove any remnants of opposition that may resurface in the future.

Tinelli`s exit marks the second in quick succession under Tapia`s reign, following national team’s head coach Edgardo Bauza`s sacking last week.