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Wedding bells may not be chiming for Diego Maradona and Rocío Oliva in December as rumors emerged that our controversial ex-fútbolista has been getting it on with none other than Verónica Vaira, a modest sort, renowned for her unprecedented musical talent.

Oh, you haven’t heard of her?

Just watch this video:

I think this song, literally translated as “My Little Ass” (pretty sure all that silicon actually makes it quite a big ass, Verónica), more or less sums her up.

Vaira — otherwise described as a “human barbie” — has made a name for herself through various video campaigns, both in Argentina and Miami, and, more recently, through her burgeoning musical career.

She also has a life-long goal of becoming an International “Playmate” (whatever that is), a media outlet recently informed. We all have ambitions, I guess.

Look how supportive she is of Maradona's ex career. Photo via
Look how supportive she is of Maradona’s ex career.
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This blonde bomb-shell was recently caught bombing her way over to Dubai just as Maradona’s not-so-likely-bride-anymore Oliva was returning to Argentina. Oliva claimed to be returning to celebrate Mother’s Day, but these newly leaked rumors seem to suggest a pretty serious fall out between the famous duo.

Now we know what Maradona was doing in the changing room after Argentina’s win —  practicing the “My little ass” dance.