Argentine footballing hero Diego Maradona is never too far away from the headlines, this time he hit the papers after a recent feud with a video game company Konami. However, now all is well in camp Diego after a peaceful resolving of the issue. The initial conflict arose when the Argentine star took to Facebook to declare his outrage that the recent Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 game had used his image without his permission.

“My lawyer, Matías Morla will initiate legal action. I hope that this isn’t another swindle” said Diego. The shake-up saw a prompt response from Konami, “We are using the correct legal process, in accordance with the owner’s licensing laws.”

You could have bet your bottom dollar that Diego wasn’t going to settle with this and by jove he didn’t. Firing back at the company, “You’re going to give out hefty compensation from this and and all the money I get you I’m going to use to make football fields for the poor children, and then they’ll be able to play on something decent.”


However all this has been smoothed over thanks from a visit to Argentina by Konami’s president, Takayuki Kubo. He met with Diego’s lawyers and signed a peaceful resolution. According to Clarín, a contract lasting till 2020 was signed which included a promotion of the video game by Maradona. Also he will receive compensation which will go to building football pitches, said sources close to Diego.