Photo via Clarín

Diego Maradona has finally been reunited with his son Dieguito Fernando. The child is the product of his relationship with his ex-partner, Verónica Ojeda, with whom he has had problems with for quite a time.

After some trouble deciding on the custody arrangement, the football star was able to arrange a promising visiting schedule. Maradona will be able to visit  his son whenever he is in Buenos Aires, any time after 7 p.m. Not only that, but Dieguito will also fly to Dubai every three months, with his grandparents, in order to spend time with his father.

As Maradona was reunited with his son, Ojeda was not present, but Dieguito’s grandmother, Maradona’s daughter Giannina and his grandson Benjamín were all there during the reunion.

Ojeda is critical of Maradona, saying, “If Diego loves Dieguito like he says he does, he should spend more time with him.”

This of course comes after some drama where Maradona was suppose to see his son during the weekend of the Davis Cup but instead was seen at the Cup with his grandson Benjamín.

Maradona’s ex-partner was tired of the rumors going on about her keeping Dieguito away from his father. She said she signed the custody contract so that everyone would realize the truth of the situation: Maradona doesn’t show up to see his son when he says he will.

She said: “I am at peace because the truth can be seen.”