Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Maradona might be finding his way back to school. Not as a student of course but he could soon find himself in front of a class, spouting his glorious background that prompted many to label him as the greatest football player of all time, leaving him revered like a God by many in Argentina.

Now, what kind of class thinks they’re worthy enough of the biggest player of all time? A class at Harvard University, of course.

A Harvard University professor sent a letter to Diego Maradona, asking if he’d be available to give a talk to his class at some point around mid-February and late April for a class called: “The Global Game: Soccer, Politics and Popular Culture.” But they said that really, they’ll welcome the god-like man at their school whenever his heart desires.

The letter, signed by professor of Romance Languages and Literature and Comparative Literature Mariano Siskind, said the experience would “serve as the most perfect supplement to our lectures on the history, sociology and aesthetics of soccer.” Siskind, however, was probably not referring to his actual ability to give a lecture. After all, El Diego is not exactly known for his eloquence. On the contrary, his difficulties to formulate several coherent sentences in a row has prompted videos such as this one:

The professor is probably more prone to bring him in to tell the class about his unique experience with the most popular sport in the world, which positioned him as a member of society many look up to, at least when he was professionally active. And to listen firsthand what went through his head when he scored the “Hand of god” goal, of course.

This is not the first time that Maradona has been asked to speak in a class. In 1995 he traveled to Oxford to talk to the students and said it felt like “a recognition of his whole career to talk to Oxford students.” So it is not much of a surprise that instead of blowing off the request, Maradona posted the letter on his Facebook and said he’d be “glad to go to Harvard.”