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In a world where food consumption has become a timed contest and any meal not conveniently bite sized has become a burden to our livelihood, food scientists and entrepreneurs have produced the most genetically ideal product for the market: the pizza cone.

Otherwise known as the conizza to those under the age of 65, you don’t have to be of Italian descent to reap the benefits of this calorically dangerous pizza. First we had Mac and Cheese pizza, then pizza with hot dogs wrapped in a stuffed crust and then we got super creative with pizza-topped pizza. Pizza cones were obviously the next logical innovation in the food industry. And now they’ve made it to the Southern Cone.

Entrepreneur María Guillermina Moroni has decided to capitalize on the idea in Mar del Plata. Her proposed project would start with a cart that she would wheel over to street corners or plazas, a small oven and a couple of employees. The target audience would be those looking for a cheap lunch option, those in a hurry on their lunch break or those who just love pizza and pure brilliance. So everyone.

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But not everyone is thrilled about the prospect of cone-shaped pizza.

Mar del Plata’s Hotel Gastronomy Business Association has opined that the “informal” practices of the business would become unfair competition for the food sector, as pizza cone venders could skip out on many licenses and registrations that the formal businesses have to slog through. Not only would this negatively affect legally established businesses, but it could also lead to business closures, some say.

All is fair and love and war, but we cannot deprive humanity the right to a pizza cone. So in the case that this request is struck down (which is understandably sound based on detractors’ arguments), here is a how-to tutorial to make your own at home.