Carlos Arroyo, Mayor of Mar del Plata. (Photo via Minutouno)

As January begins, the news cycle moves an important portion of its attention to Mar del Plata, the largest coastal town in the country and the tourist destination most chosen by Argentines who spend their holidays in local beaches – no, Miami still doesn’t count as one, regardless of how many chetos go there every year.

That’s why one would think that the mayor of the General Pueyrredon region – where Mar del Plata is located – Daniel Arroyo would wear his best politician smile and seek to take advantage of the attention to use it in his administration’s benefit and not, let’s say, do the exact opposite by making a sexist comment that becomes national news and causes widespread condemnation.

Well, think again.

This morning, during a traditional event held to present the first tourist of the summer season, Arroyo was asked by the local press about the possibility of increasing the size of the city’s industrial park. The mayor listed the different projects that have already been approved, and then proceeded to stick his foot in his mouth. “We need to get a few more pesos to lay down some roads and then send some pretty girl to convince business leaders to come and invest in Mar del Plata,” he said.

But that’s not all, because Arroyo was then asked about the number of femicides that took place in the city during the past years, and in his answer, he included a call to eradicate sexism. “Femicides are solved with education, with the eradication of sexism, which is a traditional disease in Argentina,” he said, and went on to anticipate his administration will launch a “large communication campaign” about the issue.

The team should start the campaign at Arroyo’s house or office then, so he can understand what sexism consists in and that comments like the one he made definitely fall into that category. Because even after the statement made the news, city hall sources told Clarín the mayor won’t make any public statements regarding them and his team will do the classic non-apology by doing so “if someone was offended.”