The two teenagers were stabbed at Irala Park. Photo via

Two teenagers were stabbed last October by a man in Irala Park in La Boca. Both young women died in the hospital a few weeks afterwards. The attacker, a 27-year old veterinarian from Córdoba named Mariano Alejandro Bonetto, was deemed unfit for a prison sentence, according to a ruling published on December 14th.

The document, signed by investigation judge Wilma López, follows article 34 from the National Criminal Code to declare the attacker as being “not punishable.” According to the first section of that article, Bonetto can’t face proper trial because he “was not aware” of his actions in the moment of the attack due to mental illness.

But one of the victim’s mother, Anna Rodionova, who accompanied her 15-year old daughter during the 44 days she was hospitalized before her death, declared she has decided to appeal. In a conversation with Página 12, Rodionova said the judge made her decision based on “the murderer’s words”, without considering Bonetto had bought a combat knife in anticipation. On the other hand, witnesses told reporters the attacker would have expressed his hatred towards women and that he “had to kill them all”.

Judge López did rule that Bonetto must be confined within Ezeiza’s locked psychiatric ward for 25 years, where several neurological studies will determine the suitable treatment, considering social, pharmacological, and psychoeducational options. However, Rodionova says it’s not enough, since the murderer’s family has the ability to transfer him to a private clinic.