Photo via Perfil

Bribe culture has deep roots in Argentina. Anyone who says they haven’t tried — and probably succeeded — to bribe someone to get something, probably either never had the chance to, or was on the other side of the deal. Following this line of thought, a business owner of Chinese origin who lives in the city of Baradero, in the Buenos Aires Province, thought its Mayor would approve his petition to expand his store if he offered something in exchange.

What makes this story uncommon, however, it’s not that the mayor, Fernanda Carolina Antonijevic, rejected the offer, but the fact that the man tried to bribe her with AR $100,000 and, wait for it, a Chinese electric kettle.

Local outlet Baradero Late reported how the event unfolded: the man went up to the mayor with the package, insisting she open it to try out the Chinese kettle. Due to the language barrier, Antonijevic thought it was simply a gift to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Once the man left, the mayor opened the box and realized it was filled with AR $100,000, and the kettle. She immediately told her assistant to go and get the man, but he was already long gone. The mayor soon after called the Police to notify them of the strange event.

The local businessman had previously made a request to the mayor about extending his property front. She did not immediately give in to his request and explained the administrative procedure that takes place to do such a task.

His response was none other than to try and bribe her. The man has been charged and is currently being searched for.