Foto Via: La Nación

We may want to hold off before giving this particular asador a round of applause. Last Sunday, a man was detained for starting a fire which burned down 100 hectares in Villa Quillinzo, Córdoba. The cause? His asado got “a bit out of hand” explained Claudio Vignetta, secretary of Cordoba’s Climatic Risk and Catastrophes Management.

Translation: “rare, medium-rare, or burnt?”

The man confessed he tried to start a ground fire, near a lake’s shore. However, the flames extended towards nearby pastures, and by then it spread too quickly to stop it.

50 firefighters and 3 emergency planes rushed to the site to put out the fire. Emergency responders had to work for approximately four hours, before the fire was completely extinguished.

The incident took place near Villa Quillinzo, starting off in the urban area then spreading out far into the mountains.

“At 3:30 PM a call came in warning us there was a huge cloud of smoke, pertinent to a fire which had started off in the town and crossed over to the mountains” related Vignetta to news outlet Cadena 3.

Local authorities arrested the man, who was charged with negligence. The law foresees imputations for those who originate rural or forest fires. Fortunately, while 100 hectares of land were affected by the incident, no casualties have been reported.