festejo-Tevez-Juve_OLEIMA20131020_0092_5Everybody out there knows that Carlos ‘Carlitos/Charly’ Tévez is Argentine football’s man of the people, right?

His story is the classic Argentine dream: kid from poor neighborhood is talented with a ball, picked up by scouts from giant local club, proceeds to move from country to country alienating fans by kissing the badge one minute, and complaining that he is stuck in a hellhole the next while his bank balance slowly overflows with Pounds and Euros.

That’s our Charly, ladies and gentlemen. But in spite of the fact (or maybe because?) he has roughly followed the path all footballers do upon leaving the motherland, including dating teenage heart-throbs, Tévez has kept his status as the ‘people’s favorite’. The guy with whom you could wolf down a greasy milanesa and an ice-cold Quilmes whilst chatting about chicks and football. It is also because he does things like this.

After scoring a penalty for new club Juventus against Fiorentina (which his team would eventually go on to lose 4-2), Tévez lifted his shirt to show underneath he had written the legend Villa 31, that scary neighborhood near the bus station which frightens you every time you venture near Retiro. A worthy effort, although I’m really not sure about the machine gun simulation that followed.

It’s not the first time Charly has done this. Indeed, it is a recurring theme in his goal celebrations, as is a fairly terrifying full-faced smile. Let’s take a look at some of Tevez’s best villa t-shirt/ mad face moments.


So what will be the next stop on Tévez’s sartorial tour of Buenos Aires’ most marginalized neighborhoods? Don’t get your hopes up too much, expats. That solitary menacing drunk guy that wanders around cursing as you’re coming home from a night out at 5 am Sunday morning, probably does not mean Charly will be emblazoned with ‘Palermo Chico‘ or ‘Palermo Sensible‘ or wherever the hell you live. Sorry.