[UPDATE: Ignore everything below. It’s old news, and of course, wrong. Turns out the guy’s name is a 36-year-old guy was a Vélez Sarsfield hooligan and was found dead “among some flags and drums”. I guess whoever killed him wasn’t trying to be subtle.]

A man was found dead at the Vélez Sarsfield stadium hours after a big game against Ecuadorean Emelec in the Copa Libertadores tournament. Authorities haven’t revealed the victim’s identity yet but according to several media outlets it would appear he was a club employee and was between 40 and 50 years old.

Preliminary reports indicate the man, who was found approximately eight hours after his death, may have suffered a work-related accident but for now authorities are not ruling out homicide.

It is not a good week for the über-popular sport, as the fifth suspect in the mysterious murder of a Racing fan and journalist who was found dead in one of the club’s swimming pools last January, turned himself in today.

Soccer. Not cool.

(Story via Perfil.com, Photo via Wikipedia)