Photo via Facebook.

While you’re lazing around sipping your mate, 68-year-old Ramón Verón, or Don Ramón, is gearing up for the final days of his 5,600 km cycle from La Quiaca, Jujuy to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego where he will be greeted by the mayor, media and supporters.

Yep, Ramón is basically Forest Gump on wheels. And in Argentina. So not like Forest Gump at all.

In fact, he’s not even cyclin’ just because. He’s on a mission to raise AR$ 600 million pesos for a school in Escobar through his project, All for a School (todosxunaescuela).

Gif via Giphy.
Gif via Giphy.

Today he is passing through Mar Del Plata (throw the man a water bottle if you’re in the area). He is set to finish his trip January 24th. You can follow him here. Go Ramón, go!