Photo via Diario Huarpe

Kelpers are weighing the possibility of imposing new visa laws for Argentines to enter the islands. The Malvinas local news brought to light that the local government are discussing the issue after increased irritation was reported by Malvinas residents. Groups have reported that visits to the islands have seen Argentines brandishing flags and provocative badges as well as leaving rubbish around war memorials.

“The concept of introducing visas for Argentine visitors is an ongoing consideration by members of the Legislative Assembly.” reported Penguin News at the last local government public session.

A member from the local government, Mike Summers expressed his favor for the potentially new implementation. He also disclosed that legislative advisors were pushing for a watch list of potentially harmful people who would be denied entry.

Previously an Argentine passport had granted free entry to the islands after an 1999 Agreement was reached between the then British prime minister, Tony Blair and the Argentine president at the time, Carlos Menem.

Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra flatly rejected the idea, stating “that is not a local decision of the government of the Malvinas Islands, but of the government of the United Kingdom.”