If you live in Buenos Aires and left your house at any point during the day today, you probably noticed a putrid stench replacing the usual jasmine-like aroma of the city streets. You probably saw pieces of pan dulce, empty bottles of cider and a few overcooked pig heads rotting in the searing sun as dozens of flies circled around them, ready to feast.

You probably noticed bags of trash piling up at the corner, as garbage containers overflowed with a disgusting, unrecognizable goo that’s been there since Christmas, waiting to be picked up.

If you saw all that this morning, worry not. Because that’s pretty much what everyone else saw. And smelled.

Buenos Aires is dirty today, since garbage men are on strike due to an unresolved union conflict over overtime pay and holidays.

The hardest-hit areas today are Flores, Parque Chacabuco, Caballito, Boedo, Almagro, Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano and Núñez.

And the City Government is not happy about this. The Minister of Public Space said this morning that City Hall would sanction both garbage collection companies and the garbage men, who are refusing to do their job.

There are eight private companies in charge of collection the City’s trash. The current conflict affects two of them, Cliba and Ashira.

In the meantime, and since it’s not like we can do much more, let’s just do as other do and take to Twitter to complain: