Photo Courtesy of Walter Goobar

Susana Malcorra, after her visit to the United States for an Organization of American States (OAS) meeting, announced Mauricio Macri will meet with Donald Trump at the end of April in Washington D.C. The White House schedules official meetings a few weeks in advance, so Malcorra anticipates a finalized date by the end of the week.

Although Macri supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, a meeting between the two presidents has been on Macri’s agenda since Trump took office. To date, the two have only been in contact twice over the phone. The first call was from Macri to congratulate Trump on his election victory in November and encourage strengthened “bilateral relations.” The second call was in mid-February, which was set to discuss increased agricultural trade in light of the US ban on Argentine lemons.

The presidents’ meeting this April may still hold discussion for Argentine’s prized citrus exports, but Macri may also broach political action given the Venezuela’s political crisis. Last week, the Venezuelan Supreme Court voted to overtake the legislative body, effectively taking over law-making ability and stripping elected officials of any real power.

In an interview with Radio Mitre earlier today, Malcorra comments on the anti-democracy of Venezuela’s political crisis; “What happened in Venezuela demonstrates an interference of the Executive Power ([Venezuelan President] Nicolás Maduro) over the Judicial, clear proof that the democratic institutions are not functional.”

Malcorra confirmed Mercosur (less Venezuela) met to discuss how to approach the Venezuelan political crisis. Discussion has begun as to whether or not Venezuela should be expelled from Mercosur. Discussions will likely continue today as Malcorra meets with the OAS.