Verboamerica is the product of two years of curated research and aims to provide “a living history of Latin America, expressed in actions and experiences. A postcolonial history that assumes that Latin American art should not be understood only from the [the reference point of] European art, but from the names [Latin American] artists made for themselves when they created their aesthetic.”

This re-telling of history plays with the idea of chronology and power dynamics, separating pieces into eight different core themes. Including maps, power, Black and Indigenous America, and emancipation. 

The night starts at 4:30 PM with a performance piece developed by Yoko Ono called “sky piece for jesus christ”. An opening talk by the museum curators will follow with music and a little bubbly scheduled for 7 PM. The celebration will wrap things up with “Dream Come True” another Yoko Ono piece.  

photo via MALBA
photo via MALBA


Wednesday September 21st | 4:30 PM


Museo MALBA (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415)

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