Foto Via: La Nación

Workers discharged by PepsiCo last month blocked the intersection 9 de Julio and Corrientes this morning to protest the sudden closure of the factory in Vicente Lopez. Several student and syndicate organizations, along with previous PepsiCo employees, populated downtown and caused severe repercussions on the area’s transport.

The protestors cut off one of the city’s most important intersections, instigating grave effects on downtown traffic. Vehicles have been unable to access the zone as early as 7:30 am today.

Police visited the scene and requested protesters at least vacate the lanes of the Metrobus. The Buenos Aires 37 district security forces warned the protesters to relinquish control of both lanes in “the next fifteen minutes.”

The warning was dismissed by the ex-workers, and security forces had to clear the lanes themselves to alleviate some of the commotion.  Police also closed off the protestor’s access to the Congress building, where workers were planning to present a law bill to expropriate the factory for the reincorporation of the workers.

Foto Via: La Nación. Confrontation between Pepsico workers and police.
Foto Via: La Nación. Confrontation between Pepsico workers and police.

The former employees and union organizations marched to the doors of the National Congress and demanded “reincorporation to their jobs, the reopening of PepsiCo’s plant and a cease on repression”, as explained by Camilo Mones, one of the factory’s delegates.

Alejandro Bodart, Izquierda al Frente’s pre-candidate running for deputy, explained that the march is to reclaim the jobs of the laid-off workers since the “company is acting illegally by not complying to the National Chamber of Work’s ruling”. The National Chamber of work had ordered at least ten workers be reincorporated into the company, yet measures are yet to be taken.

The cut of the intersection lasted around two hours, yet once the Police began to forcefully alleviate the area, the commotion began to dissipate.