Photo via Mundo Perverso

President Mauricio Macri underwent surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal chords today. The procedure was successful and Macri will continue with his schedule during the afternoon.

The procedure is minimally invasive and uses local anesthesia, which meant that the President could get back to his day without staying under observation. In an interview with Radio Mitre, the chief of the president’s medical team, Simón Salszberg, said his colleagues made the decision after a polyp was discovered on his left vocal cord during a routine exam with an ear and throat specialist.

Salszberg went on to say that these type of polyps are common among singers and actors, as they regularly force their voice over long periods of time. Macri could have gotten his from pushing himself too hard during his numerous speeches. Or, maybe, from all that acapella singing he delighted our ears with throughout the years. Namely, covers of Queen and a bit of the legendary Gilda. The latter involved more singing than dancing, but there’s enough of it to make you tear out your eardrums make you dance.

Rest assured people, the singing is here to stay.