Photo via Infobae.

During the weekend your social media feeds were undoubtedly flooded with posts from most of your contacts reflecting on 2016 with New Year messages. The vast majority were probably pretty cheesy, bordering on annoying even — hopefully there is a special place in hell for the people who put things like “god, I’ll miss you guys! Won’t see you until next year!”

Luckily President Mauricio Macri — known for being prone to dad jokes — didn’t go there in his new year’s message, which he published in his Twitter account on December 31. Instead, he stuck to the hopeful messages typical of the Cambiemos coalition and called Argentines to “trust in everything they’re capable of doing.”

“I trust you, but I need you to trust in everything you’re capable of doing,” he said.

Macri went on to say that everyone wants to “live in a country where things get done and we can work on our future and our children’s.”

“The year is ending, [it was] a tough year, when we all had to shoulder the burden, it tested us and confirmed we want a change,” he added.

The President also said that “if we respect each other, tell the truth and all put in our best effort… we’re going to do well. But it’s not a short path, it’s a long one. It will take us to happiness, will reunite us, allow us to work together and prove all what we are capable of doing.”

“Happy new year for all, the best 2017 for all Argentines. Thank you very much,” Macri concluded.