A new 500 peso bill is set to enter into circulation after President-elect Mauricio Macri takes office. Photo via Infobae

President-elect Mauricio Macri is getting ready to tackle the problematic Argentine economy head on and, in the most recent turn of events, has ordered his political posse to make the necessary arrangements for the launch of a AR$500 bill. It will be released a month after he begins his presidency and it will be ready for immediate use, according to newly confirmed Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio.

Good luck getting any change for that AR$8 kiosco alfajor when all you have in your pocket is one of these new bad boys.

Frigerio has been chatting to the press about this new economic move and it looks like Macri won’t be dawdling. The new bill looks to be out in the open by January 2016.

When asked for specifics on how long it would take to get the plan underway, Frigerio responded, “However long it takes to find the paper.” Cool.

At present the AR$100 peso bill has the proud title of highest denomination but, after the 2007 inflation and its subsequent devaluation, it has lost much of its monetary power.

No matter what people say, however, the plan is in full swing and you’ll be getting your hands on one of these green slices, adorned with the face of former Argentine President Arturo Frondizi (1958-1962), before you know it.

*Shop workers clench their fists.*

Photo via Giphy.
Photo via Giphy.