President Mauricio Macri in Misiones. (Photo from DyN)

Although his camp proved unable to expel ex-Planning Minister Julio De Vido from the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, President Mauricio Macri is planning a second attempt after October’s legislative elections. He hopes to obtain a more favorable composition in Congress, after which, he said, “we are going to try again.”


The Head of State expressed his disappointment after failing to obtain the votes necessary to unseat De Vido. “It should make Argentines sad to know that there is a core in the leadership that resists an Argentina without impunity,” Macri told reporters from Teleocho Noticias in Córdoba. But he is not giving up. “We have to keep fighting for a Judiciary that acts quickly and effectively,” he said. “It must demonstrate that everyone is equal before the law.”


Macri also defended himself against comparisons between De Vido’s indictments and his own indictment for illegal wiretapping – he was acquitted of those charges shortly after taking office . “This comparison is clearly a Kirchnerite invention,” he said. “In the case of De Vido, we are talking about dozens of charges and a matrix of corruption, in which he has been accused of being involved.”


As for the removal of the former director of the Central Bank, Pedro Biscay,  which took place yesterday, Macri said: “He wasn’t good at his job. We have to return to hiring qualified people, instead of appointing friends and relatives, as the former government did for many years.”