photo via La Nación

President Macri is about to get his own bulletproof presidential car: a specially made version of the Mercedes Benz Vito, the car is armored and designed to withstand attacks. According to La Nación, the new car will be available to use come next week. It’s likely the decision came as a result of two different attacks on the vehicles transporting the President last year. One in Mar del Plata and the other one when he was heading to the town of Villa Traful, in the Neuquén Province.

The car was reportedly made in Argentina with certain parts imported from Spain. Either black or grey, it will boast an armor that weighs between 500 and 1500 kilograms and a much more powerful motor than the current model.

How much it took to create this formidable car is being kept a tight-lipped secret. Officials say previous figures quoted for the car, which were rejected by the President, were around US $400,000.

It is standard practice for world leaders to have armed cars. The personal limo or ‘the beast‘ of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a bomb proof Cadillac One that is also able to withstand a chemical warfare attack. Theresa May sports a Jaguar XJ Sentinel, which ostensibly may appear like a normal Jaguar, but is equipped with blast protection against 15kg TNT and underfloor grenade protection.