President Mauricio Macri at Tecnópolis today. Photo via Clarín

President Mauricio Macri held an inter-cabinet meeting in the science and technology theme park Tecnópolis this morning with ministers, secretaries and sub-secretaries of all the State departments, and once again proved he’s down with the kids.

“We’re the cool guy but not the one who thinks he’s all that, we’re the ones cutting the grass in order for the Argentine people to be able to play,” said Macri in his closing comments. Yes, those were his real words.

Doubtful credibility of someone who says they’re “cool” aside, the speech was considered to be uplifting and rallied spirits after tensions in yesterday’s opening of Congress, where Macri’s State of the Nation address was plagued by interruptions from the political opposition.

“The team’s meeting lasted two hours, the Legislative branch [and] the Executive branch with the President [at the helm]. We are very different and many are currently holding public office for the first time,” said Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña following the meeting.

Peña also denied that there was any in-fighting within the government: “There is a lot of speculation about that, which comes from [the previous administration] hiding things when in reality we’ve been transparent and open: the caricature that is sought after does not exist.”

The choice of venue for this new inter-cabinet meeting has also been called out: Tecnópolis was the classic cultural rallying point under former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The first inter-cabinet meeting was held in Córdoba, which wasn’t by chance, either, being one of Macri’s electoral strongholds.

These federal, inter-cabinet meetings are going to be held in all the provinces and these “traveling cabinet meetings” were one of Macri’s campaign promises.