Photo via Presidencia

At the beginning of his tenure, President Mauricio Macri appeared carful not to say he would seek a second term in office — or at least he didn’t provide a straight answer when the question was posed. As months went by, he stopped rejecting the possibility, hinting he might consider it: “I don’t rule out reelection,” he said in an interview with ANSA last October.

The months have gone by, and now it looks like the current president considers running for re-election to be a given. In an event in the Santa Fe Province, he said he might even get to see the inauguration of a “joint airport” that will be located between the cities of Paraná, in the Province of Entre Ríos and Santa Fe, in the eponymous province.

“I forecast [that] this is the beginning. We are remodeling 19 airports around the country. In particular, we will build a new airport for both provinces in some place between Santa Fe and Paraná, we’re on track with that. But that work, I’m afraid, we won’t finish this term, maybe I’ll get to see it the next one,” he said, smiling.

The president made these statements when inaugurating a new Metrobus lane in Santa Fe — an exclusive lane for buses that already exists in some of the main avenues of the City and Province of Buenos Aires and has become the signature public work of Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich.

“This urban modification will change the everyday lives of thousands of Santa Fe residents. There’s nothing more democratic than public transportation, than public space,” he finished. On Friday, the government will also inaugurate another metrobus in the district of La Matanza, in the Buenos Aires Province.