Photo via La Nacion

President Mauricio Macri spoke publicly about the situation of the ARA San Juan submarine since it was revealed that an explosion was recorded in the area in which the submarine went missing. The President addressed press at the Army’s Libertad building, after meeting with the forces’ Joint Chiefs and Defense Minister Oscar Aguad to receive updates on the state of the operation.

Macri began by saying that “the disappearance and current search for the ARA San Juan submarine has moved all Argentines.” “It is a difficult time and my first request is for us to go through these days with the utmost respect,” he stated.

The Preisdent went on to “guarantee that we will continue with the search, especially now that we have international support and advanced technology.” And while he assured the causes of the event will be investigated, he warned against “rushing to place guilt until not being certain about what happened.”

“We want to understand how a submarine that had had its ‘mid-life’ repair and was in perfect condition to navigate suffered this alleged explosion,” he said. And continued: “let’s hope to find the submarine in the next days.”

Finally, the President highlighted the “patriotism, heroism and bravery” of the submarine’s crew and sent a message to their family members: “it is a lot of pain, but we are in this together and we will go through this until the end.”