Photo via Los Andes

President Mauricio Macri has shaken up his cabinet twice in two days. Yesterday, he requested Jorge Lemus to resign as Health Minister. And today, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña announced in a press conference that Ricardo Buryaile is no longer the Minister of Agro-Industry.

Lemus will be replaced by Adolfo Rubinstein, who until yesterday was the Ministry’s Secretary of Health Promotion, Prevention and Risk Control. Peña also informed that Lemus will continue working for the government, but as an aide.

Regarding the decision, Peña said that “it has to do with the end of a stage.” “He has been in the administration for several years and we believe it’s good for our challenges to permanently implement reforms that in some cases the team can be renewed, as well as the necessary energy for every stage,” the Cabinet Chief explained.

Buryaile left his post after being appointed as the country’s representative to the European Union. He will be replaced by Luis Miguel Etchevehere, head of the Argentine Rural Society. Etchevehere, who since 2012 has led the association mainly comprised of large land owners, has been an emphatic supporter the government’s measures regarding the agro-industrial sector. In contrast, he had been highly critical of the Cristina Fernández administration, especially since the famous feud she led between the government and farming sector in 2008.

“The President has asked Etchevehere to be the one who leads this stage aimed at simplifying and promoting the development of the entire agro-industrial sector in Argentina, we are very happy to have him,” Peña said when consulted about the reasons behind Etchevehere’s hiring. The Cabinet Chief concluded by clarifying the government is not planning on implementing any more changes in the cabinet.