Photo via El Sexenio Colombia

Speaking at an event in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province, President Mauricio Macri today said it would likely take “five or six years” to solve the country’s “energy emergency” and reach the point where gas imports are no longer necessary.

Macri added that even though his administration has to import gas from other countries, it’s getting better prices than the former administration did because, unlike it, it doesn’t allow private companies to overcharge the State to embezzle public funds. “That funny phrase ‘yours [your money] is included’ doesn’t go with this government,” he said.

By this, Macri was making reference to a common phrase private parties doing business with the Kirchner administration allegedly employed to let the public officials they were dealing with know they included bribe money in their transaction. “Yours is included,” then, would be the private party letting the public official know that his or her bribe money is included within the price he or she was charging the State.

Macri went on to defend his administration’s decision to remove energy subsidies back in December, which caused the price of utility bills to skyrocket and has been widely criticized. According to Macri, his policies are all “part of a plan” to solve the “mess” the Kirchner administrations left “regarding energy.” The Moreover, he again instructed Argentines to help solve the emergency by saving energy — especially gas — as it’s a “scarce resource” which is “fundamental for [economic] growth.” At least he didn’t tell us to wear coats inside our houses like he did a couple of days ago.