"I have a cunning plan..." Photo via Diariomovil.

Today sees the end of the campaign period for our two remaining presidential candidates and, in a bid to pip the other to the post, proselytizing statements and promises on the part of Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli and Cambiemos’ Mauricio Macri, have, of late, been at an all time high. But it is Macri’s hundred-dollar promise that has made the headlines today: his vow to create an anti-corruption agency able not only to inspect the government but also the President.

“A public official who robs is a public official I evict,” stated Macri yesterday, as he flashed his pearly whites at the cameras shooting the show El Diario de Mariana on channel 13. “No one will be able to buy me off in this world, I am going to work for the people,” he went on.

Macri’s statement comes at a time in which Central Bank President Alejandro Vanoli is caught in the middle of an explosive scandal that sees him indicted on embezzlement charges (read all about it here). And just last month, former Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime was sentenced to a year and a half of suspended prison on bribery charges, becoming the second Kirchnerite to have held office to be sentenced on corruption charges (real all about that here). And then there was vice president Amado Boudou’s indictment on corruption charges (here). Let’s not even talk about all the murkiness surrounding Nisman.

Corruption is clearly a running theme that not only sees the current administration at fault, but all sides of the political spectrum. In fact, Macri himself has been embroiled in a long-standing prosecution on wiretapping charges. However, as the ruling power, the FpV has certainly shone in terms of corruption.

Former opposition candidates Sergio Massa and Margarita Stolbizer recently met to agree upon a piece of legislation to fight corruption and, at the same time, complement both of their parties’ policies — so Macri’s magic promise has been like music to their ears and could, consequentially, be a chance for Macri to convince UNA and Progressive voters to tick the Cambiemos box when they enter the dark room on Sunday.

It could even make up for his outlandish comments suggesting a cut back in Argentina’s billion and one feriados. Maybe. Maybe not.

Very clever, Macri, very clever.