Photo via La Nacion.

President Mauricio Macri held a press conference this morning in Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province, along with Governor María Eugenia Vidal, after an inter-cabinet meeting. However, the meeting took the backseat at the conference as Macri took the opportunity to address former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s return to the City of Buenos Aires (to testify regarding the future dollars case), price hikes and his implication in the Panama Papers, among other topics.

The head of state covered a lot of ground, so here we make your life easier by looking at the five most resounding points he made.

    1. Regarding the new offshore company that has come up (and includes his name) related to the Panama Papers scandal: “I have no ties to it, I only just found out that it existed […] I’m very calm, everything is on the table.”
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    2. Regarding the probe into his implication in the Panama Papers: “What we are outlining today in Argentina is that [the time for] impunity is over. We are all equal in the eyes of the law […] a prosecutor has [even] presented charges against this President. He has doubts and the President has to answer and does not need to get angry, especially if [he] is as calm as me.”
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    3. Regarding Cristina’s return: “Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been very absent these [past] months. We’ll see if she takes a more active role now […] She is the former President and that gives her [political] weight […] I think it’s good that [supporters] receive her and accompany her in this part of her political life.”
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    4. Regarding price hikes: “I am convinced that we have a great future, but there is a painful part. The [price] hikes hurt me, they make me despair because I know that many people are on the edge [of poverty]. It pains me to make these hikes [happen] but the previous government was very irresponsible.”
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    5. After opening up about how much the price hikes bothered him, Macri continued along the same vein, rambling somewhat until he made the following slip of the tongue: “I’m trying to do the minimum possible so that we all accompany each other in this process.” That was a slip of the tongue. Face palm. Obviously, this was the phrase with the greatest repercussion in social media.

“Macri says ‘I’m trying to do the MINIMUM possible so that we all accompany each other in this process.’ A genius, thanks ‘prez.'”